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Bring more calmness into your daily life and enhance your breathing with our
award-winning diffuser and lamp in 1.

Enjoy a deeper connection with the moon while doing moon manifestation rituals and let go of things that no longer serve you! 

''It's a beautiful eye-catcher to elevate your home rituals.
I get so many compliments. Just the perfect gift!'' - Lisa B.


  • Consciously made to improve well-being & sleep quality

  • Naturally freshens air in home to breathe better

  • Multifunctional: diffuser, night light (3 lights), humidifier, and

    home decor

''Magical full moon designed to boost positive energy and make feeling grounded easily in this busy world.'' 

- YOGA Magazine

How does it work?

Improved Features

  • Mists for approximately 7 hours continuous | 14 hours intermittent

  • 1400 ml water tank that diffuses approximately 500 sq ft

  • 3 Color-changing soothing lights to heal emotional imbalances

  • Eco-friendly materials: BPA-free and recycled wood

  • Automatic shut-off, heat-free, and whisper-quiet operation

''The Full Moon was  gifted to me and has been helpful with calming my anxiety''

- Amber K. (verified customer)

In today's stressful times, it's understandable if you're feeling overwhelmed with anxiety, fears and uncertainty. 

If you're like most people, it's difficult to shut out the deluge of fear-based news, information, and other noise coming from this hectic world.  

Enjoy this calming diffuser whenever you need to recharge and connect with yourself. No matter what chaos is happening outside of yourself. 

The lamp provides 3 different gentle and soothing colored lighting options. Current research shows the therapeutic benefits of colored lights to heal physical, emotional and spiritual energy imbalances that often lead to dis-ease.

Take those me-time moments. You deserve it!

Last Question? We Got You!

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Is there a warranty?

Yes! You will receive a 1-year warranty and 90 days money-back-guarantee. No worries, You''l love it!

What will I get if I order the Happyhaves Full Moon?

All you need is inside our Happyhaves Box to completely relax:

  • Happyhaves Full Moon® 
  • The Happyhaves wooden stand
  • Cotton swab stick to extend smell
  • Charging cable for US and Australia
  • Instruction manual + aromatherapy guide
  • A special gift for new customers

How does the Happyhaves Full Moon work?

You can simply just tap the light or diffuser button on top of the Happyhaves Full Moon to activate these functions. You can use the lamp and diffuser function at the same time or use it separately. Whatever you like.

You can fully charge it in 2 hours (cable included for US and Australian customers). No worries, it's very easy!

What are the specifications?

Water capacity: 1400ML

Size of the Full Moon: almost 6 inches (14cm)

Run time: 8+ hours

Lightning options: warm white, soft white, yellow glow

What is the Happyhaves Full Moon made of?

The Happyhaves Full Moon is made of bpa-free materials and recycled wood. We also plant trees and use recycled packaging to reduce our carbon footprint.

Where do you ship from? And how long does delivery take?

At Happyhaves we ship all orders in 24 hours from our warehouse in San Bernardino (California). You will receive your order (with tracking) from DHL or FedEx in 4-5 business days.

Starting from May 2021 we are now also offering insured shipping to Australia where one of our founders is originally from.

The Happyhaves Full Moon® is exclusively available online at www.happyhaves.com.

Over 1.000+ people love it to the moon and back..

(and we love them!)

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