Ultrasonic Diffuser: Best proven tool for Aromatherapy

Ultrasonic diffuser is one of the most popular diffusing equipment for Aromatherapy today. I am writing today to share, why you should consider buying one to create an atmosphere of wellness for body and mind. Ultrasonic diffuser has many advantages over oil or heat based diffusers like safety and ease of use. To understand the advantages of ultrasonic diffuser, we need to understand how ultrasonic diffuser works.


How Ultrasonic Diffuser works

Every ultrasonic diffuser has an ultrasonically vibrating tiny membrane at the bottom of the case. This membrane passes it’s kinetic energy to the water which converts it into water vapour. The water vapour is propelled into the air in the form of a mist, carrying essential oils and volatile components along with it.

In contrast to heat based diffuser, to create movement in oil molecules, these diffusers transfer kinetic energy to oil molecules using ultrasonic waves, thus oil remains at room temperature.

In addition to this, these diffusers also produce ions of negative charge. These ions help to improve air quality by removing dust particles. These negatively charged ions bind to dust particles, therefore making them heavier and dropping them to the ground, which leaves your air feeling clean and fresh. Such experience will make you feel as if you are standing next to a waterfall with fresh air and tiny particles of water with most exotic natural aromas around you.

Ultrasonic diffuser will create an atmosphere of health and wellness in your space.

Due to this mist, you can even use it as a humidifier. It is a big plus for people living in cold or dry climate regions. Furthermore, most high quality diffusers come with variable set of options like continuous diffusion or periodic diffusion. They have setting for auto shutdown in case of low water level which increases life and improves safety. These features make it one of the best diffusing options during sleep.

Advantages of Ultrasonic diffuser:

●  Easy to maintain and clean as you don’t need filters. You can just clean using a dry cloth and rubbing alcohol

●  Their power consumption is low and very little ambient sound which makes them very quiet.

●  Due to automatic settings, they can run for hours at a time without you checking it again and again.

●  They disperse essential oils in air without any heating. Heating might affect properties of essential oils.

●  As there is no fire or heat involved, they are safe to use in any indoor and home environment

●  Some of them come with added light effects which makes them an excellent decorative item for home

Oils for Ultrasonic Diffusers
Even though you can use artificial and cheaper aroma oils with these diffusers, it is always beneficial to use pure essential oils for therapeutic benefits. Using essential oils with this diffuser will not only create clean air but also bring positive energy to your state of mind. There are several essential oils and blends for better sleep, improving focus and increasing wellness. We strongly suggest only using 100% natural essential oils for diffusing. At Happyhaves we have 100% Pure Essential Oils on our website (if still available).

With tons of features, colorful lighting effects, ultrasonic diffuser provides a wonderful starting point for families in the world of aromatherapy. 

Any questions about aromatherapy? Feel free to contact us and one of our aromatherapy experts will get back to you shortly.