At Happyhaves we believe that human impact has damaged the earth and its ecosystems, and to survive we must treat our one and only home with kindness and respect. Happyhaves is rooted in environmental sustainability and besides our charity work during fires in Australia - read more about it in our article in the London Post over here - we also donate 1% to new charities every year. 
This year we donate 1% to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. This means with every purchase you're helping the World Health Organization detect, prevent and respond to the coronavirus. 
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All our aroma diffusers are consciously created with love that help you live more naturally. Breathe in and breathe out.. We're here for you to improve your well-being naturally.
Our essential oils are organically made from France using non-toxic, organic and all-natural, 100% pure essential oils. We expertly source and blend unique aromas in the sunny fields of the south of France (Provence).  
Our products are certificated by Ecocert. The certifications issued by Ecocert guarantee and highlight the best environmentally friendly and socially conscious practices.


Spreading holistic happiness IN EVERY DETAIL

Happy products
We consciously create each product to help you live a more natural, mindful life and improve your overall well being. We create our own organic, non-toxic, all-natural 100% pure essential oils in the Provence region of France. We expertly source and blend our unique aromas to bring you scents that will help your mind and your body through its toughest times.
What we do today
  • We consciously create the highest-quality materials for our products. By paying a fair price for each of the materials, we helps our growers and factories to invest further in Sustainable Methods & Premium Quality.
  • We test our products ourselves in The Netherlands and make sure everything is working phenominal to ensure 100% happiness of our customers. Every week our team comes together with ideas how to improve our products even more.
Where we want to go
  • Raise more awareness of how usual plastic products are produced in the market.
  • We want more tests and certificates for our products to point out our sustainability in every process.
  • We want to get involved in research and innovation projects to bring more awareness to sustainability. Everything we learn and discover, we share with our customers and others from our own industry to inspire.
  • We want to give away 10.000 products in 2021 to people who are desperately in need for more mindful moments in this hectic world we live in.
Happy planet
Shipping our products from exotic countries or growing oils locally from the South of the Provence: both options reduce energy consumption himself along. From 2021 onwards, we will be actively reducing our carbon footprint and compensating what is left. This will make us 100% climate neutral. Our mission is to improve our carbon footprint to be reduced further in the coming years.
What we do today
  • We have drastically shortened our chain. The result is that we produce less waste and CO2 emissions and our customers can receive and enjoy our products faster.
  • We measure and reduce our carbon footprint. For example, we use as much recycled materials as possible and by use as much green energy as possible.
  • What we cannot reduce (directly), we compensate by investing in forest planting projects and donate to environmental charities.
Where we want to go
  • Time and time again we think about how we can make conscious and smart choices about how we can have a greater impact on a more conscious world.
  • We will continue to make our delivery routes to customers more efficient and look for new innovative ways to use electric transport.
Happy people
Our unique diffusers do so much more than just brighten up your room. According to scientists, aromatherapy improves your daily mood and makes you feel less stressed. It is our mission to give as many human souls as possible more mindful moments in their busy life.
Wat we do today
  • Every day we design the most beautiful designs that will make you feel happy by only looking at it.
  • We make sure the well-being of our team is always in balance. In order to make other people happy, we first have to make sure that we're happy ourselves. We regularly check-in at every individual how they're doing (besides work), how we could help as a company, and what we could do better on every aspect. We give every team member our courses to live more connected within, and handle tools from proven experts to live their most optimal life.
Where we want to go
  • We will continue to make a positive impact for people (and planet!) who need it. We are always looking for inspiration. Do you have ideas? Let us know!
Happy workers
Contribute to the well-being of our farmers and workers is the foundation of working sustainable and getting the first 'happy' touch on our products.
Wat we do today
  • We make sure that our farmers and workers work in a safe environment where they get fair rewarded for their respected work. To make sure they love what you do and get the most out of their life/work balance, we give courses and regularly 'free happy time' during the day which they can spend with their family and friends.
  • We know exactly what the working conditions are and what certificates our suppliers have in order to ensure the best quality in the market.
  • Every month we evaluate with our partners how we could improve the happiness of their workers and the quality of our products.
Where we want to go
  • We validate with our production employees and partners which points we still need to improve, publish about this on our blog and page, and get started with it.
  • Complete transparency of who our workers are and share their story via our website or on our social media channels.