Our Purpose


They are everywhere: at any given moment, of every single day, waiting to be discovered. They are the seemingly meaningless moments we all tend to overlook..
Happyhaves unveils these mindful moments and reminds you to experience them with joy. Whether it’s doing your evening ritual after a long day at work or creating a cozy atmosphere at home with the rich scent of French lavender essential oils, Happyhaves allows you to find holistic happiness in the smallest of things.

At Happyhaves we want to help you live more mindful and have your own me-moments in your daily life. 
We’re here to help you have a better day, every day.


It all started with a strong belief..

We’re Fay and Daniel, and our story started almost 12 years ago in a small village in the east side of The Netherlands. We learned about aromatherapy and experience the benefits it can have on people to live more mindful and improving our health.

Inherently curious, we began asking ourselves why such a remarkable, sustainable resource was virtually absent in the daily life of most people. Especially in this hectic world that we're currently living in. And with that spirit of wonder, the Happyhaves journey began.

We developed a passion for creating a premium wellness-based home health experience that melded ancient therapeutic practices with modern, earthy designs to help people experience a new kind of relaxation in the midst of an intense, modern world.

Out of love and necessity, rather than profit and novelty, we proudly launched Happyhaves with a strong mission:

We're a mindful movement that are aware that real happiness can be found inside ourselves. However, most people experience that our unique designed products can still help them to sit back each day and take a moment for themselves - even if only for 5 minutes - which makes people feel more grounded during the day and connected to their inner self.

At Happyhaves it's our purpose to give people more mindful moments in their busy life. We want to make people happy from the inside.

Besides making people happy we also care (a lot!) about making our planet happy. This means we are constantly looking for new innovative ways to spread our message all over the world in a conscious way.

For your health. And for the planet's health. 

Each of our unique products are specifically made to help you feel more balanced. Each one, can be seen as a tool to help you create convenient rituals that support a balanced mind and body. We're here for you. We are Happyhaves. Musthaves for holistic happiness.


We at Happyhaves strongly believe a little kindness can go a long way. Our Happyhaves Team is committed to help feed hungry families in order to fill not only their stomachs, but to fuel their ability to progress, learn, and create. To give them every opportunity to succeed — which in turn will strengthen our communities and our country. Find more about our mission here.


Previous donations

- Animal shelters in The Netherlands

We donated 1% of all our profits in 2020 to animal shelters in The Netherlands.  

- Feeding America

For every Happyhaves diffuser purchased, 2 meals will be provided to families in need across the U.S.

Nowadays there is more food produced on the earth than can be eaten. At the end of each harvest, there are farmers around the world that have to throw away their excess produce that isn't purchased by major supermarket chains or restaurants.

Through Feeding America, we can help to reduce the food waste in our country, support local farmers, and provide nutrition for families in need. Especially with COVID-19 families need it more than ever.


We hold the strong belief that by spreading kindness and making it the standard for entrepreneurs, and by encouraging all companies to integrate giving back into their business, we can start solving real problems, one interaction at a time.

It's our purpose to give every human soul mindful moments to increase their holistic happiness. To make this happen we are aware that some people have it more difficult than others. Did you know over 40 million Americans struggles with hunger each year, including 13 million children? Hunger can affect people from all walks of life, and many Americans (possibly even people that you know - neighbors, friends, or even family) are one job loss or medical crisis away from food insecurity for themselves and their families. With Happyhaves we hope we can make an impact on peoples lives, and eventually give all human souls a moment of peace in this busy world we live in.
Every year we have new projects where we would like to donate to.
In 2022, we are donating a percentage to dogs and cats in need who are living on the Caribbean islands. More information can be found on