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Happyhaves partners with LA based CBD company

Happyhaves is excited to announce our new partnership with Canndeux CBD to create our first line of essential oils infused with CBD. We are dedicated to the health and wellness of our customers and Canndeux CBD has been associated with alleviating anxiety and providing a sense of calm without any high. GROWN IN THE US Grown in the US, organically-farmed, and naturally separated from the plant, Canndeux CBD is pure and potent. Mixed with Happyhaves’ essential lavender oil from France and used in any of our diffusers, your sense of calm awaits you. We feel our partnership is the perfect fit to bring extra wellness and peace to all our Happyhaves family.      FROM FARM TO YOU There are...

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How a diffuser actually works

This blog is all about what's actually going on inside your diffuser? To deeply understand how an aroma diffusers actually works, imagine standing next to a waterfall. As the water cascades down, it infuses the air with a cool, calming mist. That’s exactly what a diffuser does: infuse your air with pure, natural wellness. Now dive deeper with us. Also, if you are looking for the best ways to take care of your diffuser then read our latest blog over here.As aromatherapy experts we are here to help you the best we can. In this blog we talk about the next subjects: WHAT IS A DIFFUSER? WHAT’S HAPPENING ON THE INSIDE? WHY SHOULD I USE AN ULTRASONIC DIFFUSER? WHAT ARE THE TOP 5...

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Happyhaves Full Moon | Instructions

How the diffuser and lamp works The Full Moon is currently the most popular product from Happyhaves, and we are so happy that so many people from all around the world can enjoy it. To make sure everyone gets the best out of it, we made an instruction video of how it works. Happyhaves Full Moon Each Happyhaves Full Moon has three sorts of lights to set the mood of your aromatherapy experience. With the option to change light colors, the diffuser works to fit any mood.     Functions  - A press of a button and the full moon comes to life in different colors; warm, soft white, and yellow.  - Long touch control brings brightness, and short touch...

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Essential Oils Benefits: The 6 Magical Things You Must Know

Essential oils are full of benefits. We studied all benefits that are known for ages and collected the 6 most effective benefits for your health. In this blog post you will learn what essential oils can do for your body and mind and how you can eventually use it with essential oil diffusers for aromatherapy.   The last few years essential oils is gaining popularity with people everywhere in the world due to their extensive benefits. How an oil diffuser worksAroma Oil diffusers work through the simple process of oil diffusion, which uses heat to turn oil into a vapor that is then spread around a living space. Diffused oil can have several relaxation and health-related benefits, including safe scent-dispersion, mosquito...

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CBD as Essential Oil: This is what it is (with 3 major benefits)

CBD as essential oil describes a concentrated oil derived from plant material. Most essential oils are highly concentrated oils and are usually made by cold-pressing the plant parts, or through a steam-distillation process. Essentials oils can be made from the seeds, leaves, stems, roots, and even the fruits of plants. You’ve probably heard of the THC compound (commonly associated with marijuana), which is also found in the cannabis sativa plant. This is the most commonly known cannabis compound, and the one that produces a mind-altering “high” when broken down by heat, such as by smoking it or cooking it into food.What Makes CBD Different?Unlike THC, CBD does not produce a high, and has several potential benefits, including alleviating discomfort and body...

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